This is my painting and it contains a multitude of crosses, some intentional some accidental. I never set out to include a cross but, like stigmata, they just appear. For compositional and religious balance I added the Buddhist prayer flags. When I showed this painting to the Dalai Lama he smiled and said it was “whimsical but thought provoking”, and then he laughed. The Pope didn’t comment.


February 26, 2016



Art isn’t what you make – it’s what others see!
I sense that just beyond the horizon a flotsam samurai is chasing the wind on the boil – in pursuit of his princess who was swept from her Buddhist serenity by the abuses of her land and sea. In view is her transformed chaiste Geisha’ green grilled countenance, desperately flailing toward the shore.

Black specs of windward judges crow above as they ponder their Geigers’ numbers and they give the goddess a 8.8 – maybe a perfect 10 if she makes it to that disparated radioactive couch.

Need a Haiku here, or a song by Zimmerman, “It’s what others see in the other’s sea . . .”

February 26 2016

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