I painted this somewhere around 1992. That was a long time ago. Do the math. I threw out the Breton women, simplified the background, and placed my young self in the foreground. No big deal. But tomorrow’s painting – that will be a big deal! Trust me, this is leading somewhere.


March 20, 2014



Very entertaining! Is there any way to subscribe to his daily musings??

March 24 2014


You can now simply click the link at the top of the blog and you will receive Gary’s daily musings directly in your inbox.

March 24 2014


Gary . I have a original Nay in my art collection.
So inspirational ever since. I now am about to add
my milestone as well. I have officially been a artist
full time now going 8 years.
Drop me a line
Watched the drunken luietenant just days ago.
Thinking of you.
Your bud

March 26 2014

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