“Homicide: Artist on the Beat” episode 1 (pilot) continued

Scene four opens with Sergeant Vahine pounding on her desk and demanding results from GNAY and his pouting assistant Jeanne H. (ScarJo). The pair retreat to GNAY’s secret hideaway to flirt and brainstorm. The victim has been identified as one Olga Koklova a local “dancer” and sometime model. Who would disfigure, dismantle, and distort such a lovely female form into a disgusting and offensive image? As if on cue, the two brilliant art scholars simultaneously come to the same conclusion. Ah ha, it could only be one man/artist – Pablo Ruiz y Picasso! The suspect is brought in for questioning as the two art historians disrobe (slowly) and take a dip. Fade to black.


April 28, 2016

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