Avenue of Schloss  Kammer Park         Street in Torgiano         

This week, to mix things up, friend and disciple Cathy Dixon will be guest hosting Art of the Day.

I saw this Gustav Klimt painting done in 1912, of an Avenue in Austria  and it reminded  me of a picture I took in a small town in Italy in 2013. Intriguing that we both found a similar image worth capturing, the difference between us, however, is Klimt can paint and I can't. Oh to have the talent to create a painting from an image. I look through my photos I have taken and I think I have a creative eye and I know there are some that would make interesting paintings. But I can't paint and Klimt is dead. Luck would have it I DO know an artist and that's where

GNAY comes in…


December 15, 2014

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