The future has become the past in George Orwell’s much anticipated follow up to his acclaimed 1949 dystopian masterpiece, “Nineteen Eighty-Four”. Big Brother looms bigger than ever as Winston Smith toils in the “Ministry of Truth” redacting any traces of the artist formerly known as GNAY. Yes, Goldstein is gone and GNAY is the new number one enemy of the state and man to hate! The artist’s whimsical but thought provoking work has been deemed subversive and contrary to Party doctrine. But like most great things, GNAYtheism is a movement that can’t be stopped! Tensions really explode when Winston falls in love with the banned artist’s work and the “Thought Police” come-a-knockin! Grab a bottle of Victory Gin and a comfy chair because you won’t want to put this page turner down!!

Note: I would like to play “Paint that Tune” next week. If Readers supply me with five song titles I will paint a picture a day for each tune.


April 21, 2017



Yellow Submarine

April 21 2017

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