GNAYification  /  g-nay-if-i-ca-tion  /  guhnayifikash(e)n

noun: The process of whimsically simplifying a subject or scene while maintaining its essence with the addition of subtle thought-provoking touches.

While on the face of it, this is a painting of a street corner, I have included and added several things that personalize it for me without ruining it for you (I hopThe chair in front of the antique store is from Van Gogh’s, “Bedroom in Arles”

  • The pitcher with apples in the window is from one of my earliest paintings, which was a copy of an early Picasso
  • The banner on the north wall is my “REFLECTIONS”, double GNAYified
  • The bus is from the early 1970’s. A time when you let your 11-year-old ride downtown, with a friend, not a parent.
  • Reflected in the bus window is a BC Liquor Store sign. This is where you used to be able to buy Old Style stubbies like the one sitting on the COV traffic control box. This box has not been GNAYified but the one at Robson and Denman has. You should go see it sometime.


January 24, 2018

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