Emily Carr was a great chronicler of west coast landscapes and since forgotten native villages. She handed the baton to E.J. Hughes, who’s west coast seascapes and landscapes beautifully document life on the coast. Mr. Hughes now passes that baton to GNAY. That’s a big responsibility, but he is up to the task! As the new chronicler of the west coast lifestyle, GNAY combines the past with the present as he paints his environment with a whimsical and thought provoking flair. CONTEST: Guess which famous dead artist is referenced by the dude on the right and I will send you a FREE print of your choice.



July 31, 2015



My guess is Rodin

August 02 2015


E.J Hughes is my guess.
Love your work!
A fellow Tsawwassanite.

August 17 2015

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