Is Robert Bateman Canada’s Greatest Living Artist? I don’t know. Was Gene Kiniski Canada’s Greatest Athlete? Again, I don’t know but if you put both of them in a ring I’m sure Kiniski would whip Bateman’s ass. How about this Kermode Bear, how do you think it would fare against a Great White Shark in a watery cage match? Or, how about this for a matchup - Bateman vs. GNAY? Bateman is 85 but wiry and fit. GNAY is 30 years younger and 30 pounds heavier but lacks experience. It should be a good bout. Ladies and Gentlemen…


August 31, 2015



But GNay thinks out of the box. I bet he side swipes Bateman with a neon color swish and Bateman sinks to his realistic knees in the 3rd round

September 01 2015

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