My Dear Theo,

Monsieur GNAY and I had a fabulous day painting in the fields around Arles! The young Canadian artist is very generous with his canvas, paints, and hip flask. Like Gauguin, GNAY also worked at the Paris Bourse and has some savings from his time as a stockbroker, so dear brother, no need for help this week! GNAY chose this subject and I think it suited his style better than mine. I’m happy with the way my azure sky enflames the yellow farmhouse, but the lane is lost to the yellow ditch. (who chooses to paint a ditch?). GNAY says I should consider firm black outlines to set myself apart from the other impressionists and maybe generate a few sales. I wish, dear brother, you could see GNAY’s version of this scene! He has simplified the whole in a beautifully “whimsical” way, but has also added some ditch debris to juxtapose against the lovely Provencal landscape. This creates what he calls a “thought-provoking edge”, which he says, adds interest and value (who paints beer cans?). GNAY does! What will we paint tomorrow?

Your Loving Brother



December 06, 2017

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