While you’re sleeping, my team of highly paid art scholars, and myself, are scouring the globe for great paintings to show you. Now, wake up and take a look, a good look, at this wonderful piece. I’m seeing this painting and this artist’s work for the first time, right now, the same as you. I could read her bio and artist’s statement and present a thorough analysis, bringing to bear all my great art knowledge and insight, but where’s the fun in that? Instead I will let Andrea’s paintings speak for themselves, and just wing it. First great insight: she can paint; she can really paint (way better than GNAY). Second more insightful observation: her work is very thought provoking. In fact, it’s even more thought provoking than GNAY’s work, and that hurts.

Side note from last week: I’m having a bit of trouble finding “The Holy Grail”, but I know it is around here somewhere, and I will have it for you soon.


August 08, 2016

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