This is my newest noncommercial piece and it begs the question why? (good question!) Sometimes paintings just happen. Here is what just means to me:

  1. My co-op gallery hosts a weekend foodbank donation drive
  2. I bring a print of Picasso’s, “A Frugal Repast”, for display purposes 1
  3. A kind person drops off a can of tuna. (GNAY hates tuna) 2
  4. I notice other (talented, but less famous) colleague has bandaged fingers (horrible art accident, no doubt) and a lightbulb goes off.
  5. Talented (but non-fame seeking) framer is recruited, along with a bottle of wine (where did I find that?) to set the scene.
  6. A two-snap photo session ensues (models crush it on the 2nd take!)
  7. GNAY goes back to his studio and produces this reflective figurative vignette, which probably won’t see the light of day.

Well, that’s the just of it. Maybe tomorrow, I will get to the why?

1 google it   

2 the food, not the majestic fish


December 14, 2017

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