Although I find this painting of “Norwegian Angst” intriguing, and Munch’s troubled back story interesting, it doesn’t explain the enormous valuations his paintings garner. Last night, while you slept, I sifted through thousands of documents, housed in hundreds of archives, in 19 countries to uncover the true reason for Munch’s “Success”. The real story is: The Norwegian Government has cornered the “Munch Market” and is creating false demand and manipulating prices into the stratosphere! My calculations show that 97.4% of Munch’s work is either in Oslo’s National Gallery or the Munch Museum. There is nothing available on the open art market! Every five years or so, they put one of their paintings up for auction and have a Kuwaiti billionaire operative (who is in on it) buy the piece for a ridiculous amount, thus increasing the value of their collection. Well played Lars, but I’m on to you.


January 05, 2017

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