My Dear Theo,

The weather here in Arles has turned frightful, so GNAY and I have decided to stay indoors and paint. He thought my humble bedroom would make a good subject and I heartily agreed. With a groggy head (a few too many last night!) and tired eyes, I have done my best to represent my yellow house room as a place of rest. I hope that feeling comes through to the viewer. Meanwhile, GNAY produced this version, which I think is far superior to mine, especially in its simplification of line, colour and form. I love the way the way my young Canadian friend calmly finds the heart of his subject while I flail and slash my way (like a madman) to the same. GNAY says he prefers my version and has agreed to take it in exchange for dinner and drinks. How generous! It’s not quite a sale, dear brother, but maybe a start? 

Your Loving Brother, 



December 07, 2017

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