PLAYBOY: Charlie Rose once introduced you as having the wit of Oscar Wilde, the compassion of the Buddha, and the creative genius of Andy Warhol. That was quite the accolade. Do you see yourself walking in all those great shoes?

GNAY: Yah, well, but not the Buddha of course, he didn’t wear shoes. I think Charlie hit it on the head though. I have an “Art Factory” like Warhol (sans the naked groupies), a witty and award winning blog loved by millions, and my own religion, “GNAYtheism”, which is growing like crazy.

PLAYBOY: Well you most certainly have the mind and spirit covered. You look pretty buff in this self-portrait. Do you work out?

GNAY: All the time. In fact, I’m working with Richard Simmonds on a new exercise video series that will be on store shelves soon.

PLAYBOY: Looking forward to that!


July 12, 2017

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