I have been carefully studying the work of German expressionist, Paul Klee, and I have made several mind-blowing revelations that will rock the art world. but first the conventional story. Born (male, human) in Switzerland, 1879. From 1898 -1899 studied art (and several models) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. From 1900 – 1940 practiced and taught art, producing over 9000 works, before dying of a horrible wasting disease at the age of 61. Standard stuff. The real story, which I will share with you this week, makes the Da Vinci Code read like a child’s verse. Obviously blowing the lid off a century old conspiracy will create some friction and maybe even endanger some lives so, if you can’t handle the truth, or are unwilling to take the risks that come with certain “knowledge”, read no more. In fact, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you delete all links to this blog and deny knowing or ever having known GNAY and his “Art of the Day”. Do it NOW!


November 20, 2017

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