High above the hustle and bustle of modern Tokyo, the Meiji Shrine sits amidst a sprawling tranquil forest. Here the Kirin Monastic order, with their twin vows of silence and celibacy, worship and meditate 24/7. Whisperings of the appearance of a new western monk, fitting GNAY’s description, are starting to reach the outside world. Is it possible our favourite, but faceless, local artist has sought sanctuary within this secretive monastic order? Purportedly the western novice’s martial arts and spiritual training are progressing apace, but his sake consumption is way above the sacramental level (that sounds like GNAY!). A Tokyo Police Club plant, within the monastery’s laundry facility, has purloined one of the new monk’s paint and brandy stained saffron robes and is having it shipped to Yangon for analysis.


October 25, 2017

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