CREASE CLINIC case study 266GN; Dr. C. G. Jung

Patient interview 12/09/17 (severe DID diagnosis)

Dr. Jung: Good morning Gary. Who am I Talking to?

Patient: GNAY of course!

Dr. Jung: Oh, the famous artist. I love your work!

Patient: I’m not an artist. I am the spiritual leader of the world’s fastest growing new religion – GNAYtheism. Its trending on Twitter!

Dr. Jung: Tell me how that makes you feel?

Patient: Being a religious leader, whether a Guru, God, or Saint is a bit of a grind - miracles, healings and sermons all day long. But, my Facebook and Instagram “likes” make it all worthwhile, and I have over I have over 2.8 billion followers on Twitter!

Do you follow me? Let’s post a selfie together.

Dr. Jung: No, I think It’s time for your medication.


September 12, 2017

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