RECAP: On September the 15th I was snatched from my home, drugged (that was OK), beaten (not so great), and my mind was scrubbed clean (the jury is still out). Two weeks later, like Jason Bourne (without the fighting and weapon skills, but with the boyish good looks), identity gone, I was dumped into an East German alley to be forgotten. End recap. With my memory now restored, I have returned to Vancouver to resume my brilliant art career and to catch the villain that so desperately wanted me off the Canadian art scene. A deranged fan? A snubbed gallery owner? A jealous artist? Tomorrow: SUSPECT #1 – Robert Bateman.


October 17, 2016



Your beautiful wife’s lover?

October 17 2016


I just discovered you while searching for gift ideas. I love your work and your humour. I’ll drop into Arts on Main on Thursday. Perhaps to do some xmas shopping. I hope to meet you.

October 18 2016

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