The good people at Trip Advisor approached me to do a Vancouver “Best of…”, using my paintings as illustrations. As a serious artist, I scoffed (of course) and said, no. Then they told me what they would pay, and for the sake of my loved ones I relented. I might not be the right man/artist for the job but what the heck.

#1 Thing to do in Vancouver: Find a bar with a view like this and throw back a few cold ones. I hear Stanley Park and its seawall are great for cycling and hiking but I have never done it myself, as drinks in the park are few and far between. Stanley Park Brewing produces a delicious, “Windstorm” West Coast Pale Ale, that when paired with a view like this, beats actually going to the park every time. Check Stanley Park off your list - the GNAY way! Glug, glug.


January 09, 2017

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