The Catholic Church in Rome, in a magnanimous gesture, has just welcomed the new kid, GNAYtheism, to the club with a gift of this painting from their collection. The 16th century fresco, from Michelangelo’s “Last Judgment”, is to be chipped from its current position in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel and shipped to my floating cathedral in English Bay. In a Grand Ceremony, Pope Francis, will pass the painting/baton to GNAY aboard “The Good Ship GNAYtheism”. Very symbolic. Very Moving. There will be drinks all arounrd and then I will present The Pope with a GNAY, of lesser significance, to plug the hole in his chapel wall. Then, more drinks!


August 31, 2016



Surely something has to be turned into wine at the ceremony. Or beer. Or whiskey

September 01 2016

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