GNAY Implicated in Jonbenet Ramsey Case!

Enquirer reporters have reopened the 1996 unsolved and tragic murder case of six-year-old beauty pageant queen, Jonbent Ramsey. New evidence indicates that one of Canada’s most loved artists, GNAY, was in Boulder Colorado at the time of the homicide. Income tax records show GNAY had been hired as a face painter for the young beauty queen’s birthday party! So, he had access. What about motive? The struggling (at the time) Canadian artist was rumoured to be fiercely jealous of Jonbenet’s fame, amidst his own failure to be recognized by the Canadian art establishment. People close to GNAY are shaking their heads, pointing to his early work “DISTURBIA”, and saying, “we should have known! ”.


July 20, 2016

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