Dinner with GNAY- week 2: Campbell’s Tomato Soup

This is probably not your “dream kitchen,” (where are the granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances?), but it is mine. As a kid growing up across from the school, I always went home for a hot lunch. That lunch often featured Campbell’s Tomato Soup and I will cook that for you today (are you serious?). This is the same soup can Andy Warhol painted hundreds of times and eventually became rich and famous for. I have never painted a soup tin, but in the early seventies I did paint a kick-ass, poster sized, Budweiser Beer label, which I wish I still had. Funny how forty-five years later I’m still painting beer labels. (real funny – get to the stove!). Mom always prepared it while smoking, but I don’t recommend that! Put the contents of the tin in a saucepan with a tin full of milk. Heat and stir until hot. Bon Appetit!


January 30, 2018

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