Harper Collins Canada contacted me over the weekend. They love my work (paintings and writing) and have asked me to do a series of novels based on my life and paintings. This week, I will give you a sneak peek at the covers (with synopsis) that I am planning.

“GNAY – On the Rocks, With a Twist” – With art sales floundering, GNAY is forced into the wilderness to find inspiration and himself. Armed with nothing but a cooler full of beer, and his wits, GNAY battles the elements, and his ego, in a raucous Man vs Mother Nature, tipsy tale, of tragedy and triumph. Embodying the artistic spirit of Tom Thompson and the (shirtless) tenacity of Rambo, GNAY deftly kayaks into your heart, with each stoke of his pen, and paddle. But, don’t be lulled by nature’s siren song, because around every shoal lies an unexpected twist!


March 05, 2018

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