GNAY’s Joy of Painting: episode two “Happy Valley”

Welcome back friends! Let’s go into the woods today! I don’t think we will see any teddy bears, but we might get thirsty, so make sure your cooler is full, and you and your brush are loaded. Time to add some trees! Yes, add some trees. I know most of you only think of trees as things in the way of development. Things to be protected behind an orange fence before being accidentally cut down. Oops! That’s OK! We can make it all better with the promise of a “low income” rental unit, or a sculpture of a tree. Hey GNAY, get moving. You have a painting to finish. Sorry, back to the painting! Using green for the leaves and brown for the trunks, paint in various species of trees and shrubs. Sadly, we have run out of time (again). Next week, have a bottle of red on hand, as every great (GNAY) painting needs a touch of red! God bless friends and happy painting.


November 15, 2017

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