GNAY’s Joy of Painting: episode one “Happy Valley”

We always want to start our paintings in a happy place. Get out your iPad with your favourite stylus and get comfortable. Make sure you have a full cooler at your side, as completing a beautiful landscape in 30 minutes is thirsty work and there won’t be any time to go to the fridge. Now, open your iPad and your first beer. Let’s start with the sky. Imagine the bluest blue that ever was, double that, and lay it down. Great blue! You’re an artist now! Crack a fresh beer and dash in a horizon line (anywhere but the middle!). Beautiful! Throw down some greyish mountains, another beer, and some green grass. Now, add a happy stream and some fluffy clouds. Lovely! Remember: it’s your happy place where nothing can go wrong. What? we’re out of time? Sorry friends, we are out of time and must finish this painting (and cooler) next week. Oops! God bless and happy painting.


November 14, 2017

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