CRIME STOPPERS needs your help: On or around June 6, 2014 the artist presently known as GNAY, painted this charming Ladner scene, featuring the Delta Museum and Archives. June of the following year, city crews, under the guise of a beautification project, laid waste to the Village of Ladner’s town center. One year after that, and after 49 years in this location, with nowhere to go, the Museum closed its doors forever! Sadly, the totem pole and dog are both gone as well. How much devastation can one artist lay with the stroke of his brush? The title, once thought to be intriguing, now reads like a malicious taunt from a deranged and diabolical artist. If you have any information as to the whereabouts of this heinous, but well-loved artist, please email our confidential tip line:



January 18, 2017

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