Yes! – the GNAYart World Festival 2017 (GNAYcon) is bringing Steve Jobs back for one more product launch! And not the grumpy mean Steve Jobs from the movie. We’re getting the fun hip Steve Jobs from the early ‘80s. Steve will be closing out the festival for us, but he will also be introducing the world to iGnay, Apple’s revolutionary new art device. Imagine - “the power of GNAY in the palm of your hand!” This is of course all very hush hush (unless you know me and my super-rich friends) but word on the street is that it will be another home run for Apple, whose shares are expected to pop on this announcement. I’m quietly accumulating a few shares myself (in a numbered offshore account of course) just for investment purposes. You should do the same. Wink, wink.


January 27, 2017

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