Antiques Roadshow 2025

Fiona: Today we are set up in Tsawwassen’s South Delta Rec Center where visitors are busy unloading their artifacts. Since the artist GNAY spent 30 years of his life here, prior to becoming famous, we are hoping for something special.

Nigel: Please tell us where you acquired this interesting piece?

Visitor: I came across it in a local used book store a couple of years ago. I’m a huge David Foster Wallace fan and I was quite surprised how light this book was when I picked it up.

Nigel: That’s because this isn’t a book! Although unsigned, It’s a rare paper mache sculpture from the Studio of GNAY. Executed around 2012 nobody took it (or the artist) seriously and it floated from coffee table to coffee table until it was reported stolen by the artist in 2018.

Visitor: Interesting! Does it have any value? I paid $1.50.

Nigel: Sadly, GNAY was killed in 2021 when he crashed his private plane into Monterey Bay. Add that to DFW’s tragic 2008 suicide and we have a “perfect art storm”. I think at auction it would fetch $350,000 - $400,000!

Visitor: I would never sell it. but if you have a number for Sotheby’s…

Nigel: Thanks for bringing it in and don’t be surprised if the RCMP brings you in!


August 03, 2017

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