My Dear Theo,

Well, the table is set for what is to be our “last supper” together. GNAY has become quite well thought of in this area and has invited twelve to his farewell repast. No doubt the wine will be flowing! I have learned a lot from this thoughtful Canadian artist, but it is time we went our separate ways. On GNAY’s advice (he’s not a doctor, he just “knows” things) I will be spending some time “resting” at a clinic in Saint Remy. He says the down time will do my mood and painting a world of good, and I agree. And what of GNAY? He is off to join Gauguin in Tahiti where the two ex-traders are to share stock market strategies and their mutual love of painting (and probably a beer or two!). Dear brother, it has been a hard battle and my work may never amount to anything, but if one day it does achieve some acclaim, I will have GNAY and this week we spent together, to thank.

Your Loving Brother,



December 08, 2017

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