I did some maths. If each entry takes about an hour to choose a painting, format or modify it, and write about it, my Painting of the Day archive represents about 1,000 hours of work. That’s 125 days, or 25 weeks, or roughly 6 months of pen to paper, which, I think, is enough, so no more impersonating a famous artist, or a movie star, or a best-selling author, or a game show host, or an alien, or a God, or a chef/tennis pro, or the hero of a child book series (Papa Bear), and no more leading a new religion (I think the Face Book page expired anyways). Too bad, as GNAYtheism was just starting to take off! (particularly in France).

“Painting of the Day” - The end is near countdown: 4


March 27, 2018

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