Antiques Roadshow 2025

Fiona: Today we hop across the border to Point Roberts Washington, where the volunteer fire hall will be our home for the day. Long lines are building, let’s get inside.

Visitor: I was washing the car with this shirt when I heard you guys were in town. It’s the oldest thing I own, so I thought I would bring it in.

Nigel: Well I’m glad you did! This is a very rare GNAY, “Jog for a Jug 2017” race T-shirt. I know of only one other and it’s in the Smithsonian.

Visitor: Wow! I was a bartender in the day and I served GNAY many a pint. I had no idea he had become famous. He was always joking about it though.

Nigel: Since his death in 2021, of a propofol overdose, interest in anything GNAY has skyrocketed. Although not in as good a condition as the one in the Smithsonian (priceless), I think for insurance purposes I value this shirt at $122,000.

Visitor: Wow again! I wish I had taken the lonely artist a little more seriously.

Nigel: Amen. Thanks for bringing it in.


August 02, 2017

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