Confidential patient transcript (Paris 1960) Patient P. Ruiz presents traumatic incident acute depression syndrome; Prognosis - not good. Radical treatment required.

Dr GNAY: Well my work here is done. Your depression has been cured and your career is off and running.

PICASSO: I have you to thank for that. The funny thing is people point at my work and say, “he must be crazy!”

Dr GNAY: Thankfully there’s no cure for creativity!

PICASSO: How is your own painting coming along?

Dr GNAY: Just dabbles really. I’m thinking about quitting this psychologist gig and taking up art full time.

PICASSO: I think you should. If you are as good an artist as you are a teacher you will do fine.

Dr GNAY: Thanks. Don’t forget to take your medications.

PICASSO: Always doctor! Sip, sip, dab, dab.


January 19, 2018

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