Many people mistakenly believe that the life of a professional/famous artist is all fun and games. Well it’s not. I’m here to set the record straight with, “A Day in the Life of GNAY”, and it’s not pretty.

5:45 am -  Jarred awake by shrieking alarm. Shower off previous day’s toil. Dress appropriately – smock and beret a must. Coffee – black with dry toast. 6:15 am – More coffee – this time with brandy for creative purposes. Begin trudge to studio. 6:16 am – Arrive studio. Declutter space from previous night’s painting session (mostly empty bottles and abandoned undergarments). 7:00 am – Place canvas on easel and arrange paints on palette. 8:00 am – Wait for inspiration. 8:15 am – More coffee, with “sweetener” (for inspiration). 8:30 am – Fitful nap.


March 01, 2017

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