The Life of GNAY in 5 Paintings

It’s now 1986 and I’m out of rehab and changing my situation. I left the art scene behind (with all its drugs, booze, and women) and began my career as a reputable investment advisor. “GNAY – a name you can trust”. Thus began my “Blue (buy) and Pink(sell) Period”. Although this was a financially rewarding period, my artwork suffered as my focus moved from creativity to commerce. Most of my output was on BUY tickets and cocktail napkins (one of which just sold for $28,000!). It’s hard to paint an opus after a hard day of blowing up clients and padding your purse. After 25 years, something had to give, and “the artist presently known as a stock broker”, with reckless abandon and little regard for his future, tendered his resignation. It was me time.




July 27, 2017

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