In this exciting remake of the Hollywood Classic, the New Jersey waterfront has been replaced by the rough and tumble Ladner Slough Shoreline. GNAY isn’t a dock worker, he’s a washed-up painter of river and seascapes. After being pressured into throwing an art competition, early in his career, GNAY spends most of his days with a line in the water and his head in a cooler. The fun begins when the body of his girlfriend’s brother, a fisherman, washes up on the beach. GNAY knows something, but does he have the guts to testify against the MOB, or will he stay deaf and dumb to protect himself? Will he do the right thing and win back his girl (ScarJo) and possibly reignite his painting career, or will he keep mum and have another beer? Either way, everyone agrees, in the painting game, “He coulda’ been a contender.”


March 14, 2018

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