“On the Path”                               “On the Path (revisited)”

 CRIME STOPPERS needs your help: Early in the spring of 2014 GNAY lovingly portrayed the steps at a local park in his celebrated painting, “On the Path”. Two months later, under the guise of slope retention, Civic workers descended “on the path”, with chainsaws, weed eaters, and I think, Agent Orange, and obliterated the natural foliage. Who ordered this “strike” and why? Authorities now believe GNAY, having infiltrated the highest levels of local government, is to blame. It appears this deranged, but talented, local artist will stop at nothing to prevent other artists from “seeing what he sees”. Not surprisingly, prices for his whimsical, but thought provoking paintings, are soaring. WARNING: If you, your pet, or your child has been the subject of a GNAY portrait, you may be in danger!


January 19, 2017

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