Letter #1, Director/Curator - National Gallery, Aug 4, 2014

Dear Sir,

     I am contacting you in the hope that you will take a serious look at my “whimsical but thought-provoking work”. I think you will find it simple and refreshing, but hopefully worthy of study. Like the Group of Seven explorers before me, I trudge the wilds of British Columbia, risking my life, aiming to capture the beauty of our magnificent and diverse country.

    This painting, first sketched while taking a break on a rocky shoal, depicts the calm beauty of sheltered Gulf Island waters. Using bold black lines and intense colours, I hope you find my style pleasing to your senses. As my career as an artist is just beginning, I’m sure you will find many faults in this simple composition and my naïve technique. My only hope is that it puts a smile on your face and my name on your lips.

Your humble artist,



November 28, 2017

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