CNN World News March 15, 2017: The FBI recently seized this obscure GNAY painting from the Vancouver Art Gallery archives. Art experts and astrophysicists alike are stumped as to the inclusion and placement of yet another red ball in another GNAY. Global law enforcement authorities are focusing on the porch railing glass ring which appears to be the exact size of GNAY’s beloved “Artisan IPA”. Is the famous local artist threatening the world with another “red ball strike coordinate” or is this a cry for help from a stranded alien – “GNAY phone home”? The world wants to know. Doomsayers are taking matters into their own hands and have organized an “End of Times” rally on the front lawn of GNAY’s Tsawwassen Art Studio1 for tomorrow (if it comes). A prize to be awarded for best sign.

  1. 5327 1A Avenue


March 15, 2017

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