WARNING: Not for the casual reader. If you must read on, destroy this and all relevant links after consumption.

In 1933 the Nazi government, citing Klee’s “degenerate art”, relieved Paul of his teaching position at the Academy of Fine Arts. Where do you get this crap? It’s true, and in 1934, Paul painted this for ME. You weren’t even born. It’s a wink from one who knows (Klee) to another one who knows (me, GNAY). Now you know, so you can join our secret society. Where are the meetings held? Will Mr. Martini be there? Ha, ha! This is serious stuff! Klee is using his paintings to communicate to his followers (us), also known as “Klee-ites”, that there is more out there than the immediate physical world. Who are you talking to? My loyal blog readers want to hear more. Don’t you mean reader, singular i.e. your mom! Ha ha! Tomorrow, I will provide the secret coordinates to our next initiation ceremony. Can I come too? Only serious “seekers” need apply.


November 23, 2017

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