A special shout out to Vladimir Putin, the Russian President and a loyal GNAYtheist, for helping me “acquire” this lovely synagogue in Belarus. Here is what I love about the Soviet system: he just gave it to me! The current owners are a tad miffed but they will come around. We will all be comrades in no time! My renovation plans include a state of the art infrared sauna that seats twenty. Comrade Putin loves to party in the sauna! Who doesn’t? And what a great spot for practicing the popular GNAYtheist ritual – Vodka shots! The locals will love it! I know I will.


October 27, 2016


Tracy M:

I haven’t commented before, but thought I should let you know I’m quietly enjoying your wacky commentary. I may convert to GNAYtheism yet ….

October 28 2016

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