Well, its no secret that “The Donald” is a huge GNAYart fan, as he owns several of my limited edition prints (some still available at, as well as some of my original paintings (who else could afford them?). So when I approached his TV production company, “Trump Enterprises”, with my reality TV show idea, they were, and are, thrilled to be involved. Here is the way it will work: Each week, couple team contestants will meet at “Playa del Naya” where they will be given $25,000 and a GNAY limited edition print (some still available at The teams will then disperse and travel the world in an attempt to find the exact location of GNAY’s “whimsical but thought provoking” vision. The first team to jump on the mat, Amazing Race style, at the GNAY painting location will win big. Really big.

If you would like to be a contestant please email me at


August 12, 2016

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