Confidential patient transcript (Paris 1908) Patient P. Ruiz presents traumatic incident acute depression syndrome; Prognosis - not good. Radical treatment required.

Dr GNAY: I Like what you have done here Pablo! Your work is starting to show some joie de vivre. How are you feeling?

PICASSO: Much better doctor! Your therapy has done wonders for my mental state and your painting tips have reinvigorated my work.

Dr GNAY: I see here you have taken my advice and you are moving away from representing objects as you see them. I like the way you have flattened the picture plane and are having fun with shapes.

PICASSO: Exactly! If you want a photograph, hire a photographer! I’m taking art in a new direction and I have you to thank for it.

Dr GNAY: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I am a little concerned that you are still viewing the world with a “glass totally empty” attitude.

PICASSO: Empty glass – happy painter!

Dr GNAY: Touché! Let’s go make some empties!


January 18, 2018

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