“GNAY Back to School” – With his art sales slumping and suffering from a serious bout of “painter’s block”, GNAY decides it’s time to go back to school. But, this famous artist isn’t going back to Julliard, he’s going back to elementary school. In fact, he’s heading back to kindergarten! GNAY finger-paints, paper maches, and crayons his way into your heart as he rekindles his passion for art, one project at a time. You will laugh when he farts at nap time. You will cry when his “brilliant” (teacher’s word) play dough ashtray is smashed by the class bully. And, you will cheer when he single handedly captures the Canadian Kindergarten Volleyball Championship! Then you will probably cry again when the paramedics arrive at the gymnasium to tend to the wounded…


March 08, 2018

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