GNAY’s Joy of Painting: episode four “Happy Valley

Welcome back friends! Sadly, the head honchos at PBS have pulled the plug on “GNAY’s Joy of Painting.” Too negative. Not informative. The host is a lush. Obviously, I was devastated, so I finished our painting (and a bottle of Bell’s Finest) without you. I guess they couldn’t handle the truth. I thought PBS was different. Apparently not. I’m being replaced by, “Celebrity Jell-O Cook Off”, where B-list celebs go head to head with their favourite gelatin recipes and stories. Week one has Valerie Bertinelli taking on Danny Bonaduce in a, no holds barred, aspic cage match. Getting dumped by the network hurts, but knowing they have a worthy replacement eases the pain, a bit. God bless friends and for the last time, happy painting.


November 17, 2017

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