ARTH 609:     Elements of a GNAY       3 credits

Element 5 – Referencing other artists

GNAY’s whimsical landscapes are often inspired by the work of other artists before him. Most of his paintings include a small wink nor nod to an artist whose work he admires. “REVANQUISHED” is a local Delta landscape but it was inspired by an Emily Carr painting of almost the same name. The totem poles are part Carr and part Bateman. The angry sky was borrowed from a Frida Kahlo Self-Portrait and the crow references GNAY’s own work from yesterday’s lecture. Such a clever guy!

FINAL EXAM: due August 31 – In 250 words or less, using a GNAY masterpiece of your choice, describe how the famous artist uses his history, art history, symbolism, and environmental caution to tell a story. Bonus marks will be awarded to those students who frequently extol GNAY and his work in the process.


August 19, 2017

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