Great news! To better nourish my flock I have just purchased this Gulf Island vineyard and winery. The late Michael Jackson called wine “Jesus Juice” for a very good reason. It brings us all a little bit closer together1. Private label GNAY vintages will be hitting store shelves soon. When it comes to wine, GNAYtheism is the new cheese! Market research has shown that viewing GNAY’s whimsical but thought provoking paintings after a glass of wine (or two), greatly enhances the experience and may even take it to a mystical level! Remember: these fine GNAY wines are meant to be gulped, not sipped.

  1. 3rd book of GNAYtheism 4:20 “Drink a little - be a little happy. Drink a lot - be a

                                                                lot happy”


September 07, 2016

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