Cellblock “G” Art, Wine, Cheese Symposium – Munter, Mosel, Munster

Gentlemen. Thanks for coming! Nice to see such a great turnout and so many skinheads! Who knew? Today, we present German expressionist Gabriele Munter’s, “Self-Portrait in a Red Dress”. This simple composition is best paired with a crisp slightly effervescent Mosel and a tangy (but, not runny) mountain Munster. I think you will find this trio well balanced and a delight for all your senses. We have a question in the back. I’ll repeat it. “El Chapo” wants to know if the lady in the dress is wearing any underwear? Great question Joaquin! I doubt Gabriele started with a nude figure, added underwear, and then the dress, but you might be on to something. I’ll do some digging. No more questions.


February 21, 2018

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