My Dear Theo,

Something very strange, but amazing has happened. Last night (after a few drinks) Gauguin and I had another fight. This time he got violent and severed my ear with a palette knife! This morning I awoke to a bloody pillow and an aching head. Here is the amazing bit: when I went into Gauguin’s room, demanding an apology, he was gone and in his stead, a young Canadian artist, known simply as GNAY. Seeing my bloodied state, the young painter flew into action, bandaging my ear and brandying my brain. We talked about painting for hours, and if the weather and my health cooperate, we will paint together, outdoors, tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing this affable Canadian painter in action. Adios Gauguin! Bienvenue GNAY!

Your Loving Brother,



December 05, 2017

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