What if society treated artists like today’s movie stars or pro athletes?

Howard: Great painting today GNAY! Was the outcome ever in doubt?

GNAY: First of all, Howard I would like to thank Jesus for allowing me to paint for a living, and make millions of dollars doing it! Every time you paint a masterpiece there are always moments of doubt, but I just took it one brush stroke at a time, not focusing on the outcome.

Howard: Your colour choices were inspired! Where does that come from?

GNAY: I’m not going to lie to you Howard, I’ve got a great team behind me, including one of the best pigment grinders in the game, plus of course, the Good Lord.

Howard: What’s next for GNAY?

GNAY: I can’t let this masterpiece go to my head. I will learn from it and build on it. I’m not ruling out making it into a triptych but I’m going to take a few days off first to ground myself. Maybe go out and buy a few cars.

Howard: You’ve earned it. Make your Mama proud!


October 30, 2017

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