Who’s who in this probing exploration of self? After seeing Gauguin’s “S-P with The Yellow Christ”, I had an eerie feeling I was looking into a mirror. So, this is me (GNAY – the artist formerly known as “Big Daddy”) looking at Gauguin’s painting in Paris’s Musee d’Orsay. In a kind of secret ceremony, Gauguin is metaphorically handing me the torch with a nod and a wink. Obviously, he and his work are currently getting most of the attention and dollars, but the tide is starting to turn. Self, after all, is just an illusion, and when you are willing to accept this, you will realize that GNAY and Gauguin are one, or as Paul famously asked, “Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?” Well, now you know.


June 09, 2017

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